Dual element resistance thermometer (DERT)

Sensor type DERT
Sensor 1 Sensor 2
Temperature range 0.1 K — 4 K 4 — 400 K
Dimensions 3.5 mm wide, 2.2 mm high and 10.1 mm long


Dual element resistance thermometer (DERT) is intended for measurement of temperature with high sensitivity and resolution over wide range from ultralow to high temperatures.

The DERT contains two Ge-on-GaAs film resistance temperature sensors. These two resistance thermometers have overlapping T/R characteristics and high sensitivity over complimentary ranges within the extended temperature range in order to provide a measurement range from 0.1 K to 400 K with good sensitivity and resolution over the whole range. Using one thermosensitive element, for example, in the 0.1 K to 4 K range and the another for the 4 to 400 K range one can obtain high sensitivity and resolution both at ultralow and high temperatures.

The two Ge-on-GaAs film thermosensitive elements are incorporated in the parallelepiped package, made from gold plated copper. The dimensions of this package are 3.5 mm wide, 2.2 mm high and 10.1 mm long. The DERT has eight copper contact leads: four leads for each element.


Typical dependencies of resistance and sensitivity (S=dR/dT) on temperature for the elements

of the dual element thermometer




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