We offer Temperature and Magnetic Field Sensors

for application in various areas of cryogenic engineering and low-temperature physics 

Sensor type Model Temperature range (K)
Ge-on-GaAs film resistance thermometers    TTR-D    0.03  to  300
   TTR-G/0.3    0.3  to  400
   TTR-G/1.0    1.0  to  400
   TTR-M    1.0  to  400
   TTR-2    70  to  450
   TTR-3    200  to  500
Germanium-bulk resistance thermometers    G-0.3/20    0.3  to  20
   G-1.5/100    1.5 to 100
   G-4/273    4.0 to  273
   G-10/300    10 to  300
   G-70/300    70 to  300
Silicon diode temperature sensor    DMS    1.5  to  450
Dual element resistance thermometer    DERT    0.1  to  400
Dual function sensors for concurrent measurements of temperature and magnetic field    DFS-1    1.5  to  400


At present four types of temperature sensors with a variety of design and operating characteristics can be manufactured by MicroSensor Company:

Ge-on-GaAs film resistance thermometers

Several versions of Ge-on-GaAs film resistance thermometers with different operating characteristics have been developed. They are intended for operation in different temperature ranges and identified, and differentiated by the labels TTR-x.

Sensor type TTR-D TTR-G TTR-L TTR-M TTR-2 TTR-3
Temperature range 0.03 — 300 K 0.3 — 400 K 0.3 — 400 K 1.0 — 400 K 70 — 450 K 200 — 500 K
Type of package  All versions of thermometers are available in CP, MP and MPP packages

Dual element thermometer (DERT)

The DERT has been designed to provide temperature measurements over a wide range, from ultralow to high temperatures, with high sensitivity and resolution over the whole range. This is achieved by using two Ge-on-GaAs film resistor elements combined in a single package which have high sensitivity over complementary ranges within the extended temperature range.

Dual function sensor (DFS)

The DFS has been developed to provide concurrent and coincident measurements of temperature (1.5 K to 400 K and 0.1 K to 400 K) and magnetic fields (up to 30 T). The DFS consists of a Ge-on-GaAs film resistance thermometer and an InSb-on-GaAs film Hall-effect magnetic field sensor combined in a single package. The DFS approach can be applied to the problem in cryogenic thermometry of temperature measurements in high magnetic fields, since, by simultaneous, direct measurements of temperature and local magnetic field, and knowledge of the field sensitivity of the thermometer it is possible to compute a correction for the field effects on the thermometer, and to provide in a compact way both temperature and magnetic field information.

Ge-bulk resistance thermometers

Several versions of Ge-bulk resistance thermometers with different operating characteristics can be produced. They cover the operating temperature range from 0.3 to 300 K.

Si diode temperature sensor for measurements of temperature in the 1.5 K to 450 K range.

Liquid helium and nitrogen level sensor and monitor

MicroSensor Company develops and produces special-propose liquid level sensors and monitors for detection of liquid helium and nitrogen level in a cryogenic tank, dewar, cryostat and experimental facilities.
The high-sensitive resistance microthermometers based on bulk and film of Ge are used as sensitive elements of liquid level meter, which are placed within perforated thin stainless steel tube. The special probe is extremely sensitive and highly repeatable.
The microthermometers can provide not only detection of liquid level, but measurements of temperature distribution in the cryostat. The microthermometers can also provide indication of liquid level and measurement of temperature below 4.2 K.

We also develop and produce special-purpose devices such as microcalorimeters and multi-purpose sensors. You can order it.




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