Cylindrical canister package (CP model):- 1.8 mm in diameter and 3.0 mm long

The Ge thermometers are made from heavy doped and compensated bulk Ge. Doping is carried out using a set of impurities with various activation energies by the metallurgical method. These thermometers cover the temperature range for operation from 0.3 to 300 K.

 Characteristics of Ge-bulk thermometers

 Temperature dependencies of resistance and sensitivity S=dR/dT for the different types of the Ge-bulk thermometers

Effect of magnetic field on thermometers

Depending on the magnetic field value and temperature, the magneto-resistance for different types of thermometers can be positive or negative.  The presence of magneto-resistance effect results in an error of temperature determination.  Such an error can be presented as the ratio dT/T (%), where dT = T(B) — T,  T is a temperature measured at B = 0, and T(B) is some temperature measured in the magnetic field B.

Typical temperature errors, dT/T (%), as function of magnetic field , B (Tesla), and temperature, T (K),  for Ge-bulk thermometers of  G-4/273 model

Type of thermometer Temperature (K) 2.5 (Tesla) 4 (Tesla) 6 (Tesla) 8 (Tesla) 14 (Tesla)
Germanium-bulk thermometer G-4/273           4.2      0.2    -0.03    -0.8    -1.9    -13.3


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