Diode temperature sensor can be used for static and dynamic temperature measurements in the 1.5 K to 450 K temperature range.


 Sensor type                                                              DMS — 400 
 Temperature range for operation    1.5 K — 450 K 
 Types of package    MP, MPP and CP versions  
 DC excitation    10 μA
 Reverse voltage more than    60 V
 Tolerance to a standard calibration curve    ± 0.2 K at 4.2 K;  ± 0.5 K at 77.4 K;  ± 1.0 K at 273.1 K 
 Accuracy of full individual calibration (2.5 K to 325 K)    ± 10 mK 
 Long-term repeatability better than    ± 10 mK at 4.2 K;  ± 20 mK at 77.4 K;  ± 80 mK at 273.1 K 
 Thermal response time (MP package)   < 1 ms at 4.2 K 
Overall and detailed views of the thermometer design 

MP version of package:- 1.2 mm in diameter and 1.0 mm thick



The temperature sensing element is contained within an alumina tube which has copper end caps. The element is bonded to the one of end cap and electrical contact made to both caps through 30-50 µm gold wires. Finally, copper wires are soldered to the end caps to facilitate four-terminal measurements.

MPP version of the packaged thermometer with plate:- 2 mm square by 0.15 mm thick

The packaged thermometer (1.2 mm in diameter and 1.0 mm thick) can also be bonded to a sapphire plate (2 mm square by 0.15 mm thick) for ease of mounting on a surface. Electrical contacts made of copper wires, which are soldered to the plate to provide measurements.

CP version of package (cylindrical canister package):- 3.0 mm in diameter and 5.0 mm long 


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