STCU  Project # 1088

Project duration:  November 2000 – November 2003

Supported by the Science and Technology Center in Ukraine (STCU).


The objective of the Project is physical and technical substantiation and development of the industry-suitable technology for fabrication of low-cost, efficient, stable large-area solar cells based on heterojunctions formed by cadmium telluride and cadmium sulphide layers prepared by a rather simple screen-printing method (i.e., without the use of a vacuum technique or other complicated power-consuming techniques).

Project participants and contact persons:

Institute of Semiconductor Physics (ISP) of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine

        Prof. Dr. Grigory Pekar

MicroSensor, Research & Production Company (MicroSensor), Kiev, Ukraine

        Dr. Vadim Mitin

        Prof. Dr. Igor Prokopenko

Khartron-KONCAT Company, Zaporizhya, Ukraine

        Dr. I. Ohmat

The main scientific papers that have emerged from the Project:

    1. Download the article  V.P. Klad’ko, O.S. Lytvyn, P.M. Lytvyn, N.M. Osipenok, G.S. Pekar, I.V. Prokopenko, A.F.Singaevsky, A.A. Korchevoy Recrystallization processes in screen-printed CdS films. Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics & Optoelectronics., V. 5, N 2. P. 170-175, 2002.